Boat Type: Nordhavn 60
Owner: Peter Hayden
Home Port:
Built: 2014

Favorite Cruising Destination
Hard to say. They just keep getting better and better. The Pacific Northwest is hard to beat, but we really enjoyed eastern Canada, the US east coast, and the Bahamas as well. Now we are looking forward to Mexico.

Favorite Boating Experience
Our favorite is being in a remote location with some combination of scenic beauty and wildlife.

About the Crew
Laurie and I have run boats together for over 30 years and seem to be able to do it without too much drama. Occasionally we have company, but most of the time it’s just the two of us.

What’s in a Name
We renovated an old house in Gloucester, MA and in researching the history of the house, we discovered that it had been named “Tanglewood” back in the roaring twenties. Naming houses isn’t our thing, so we appropriated the name for our boat at the time, and have used it ever since.

Reason to Buy This Boat
We ventured into power cruising around 2009, and worked our way up through a couple of boats as we figured out how interested we really were in longer range cruising. By 2012 we knew we liked spending multiple months on the boat, and made a list of the places we wanted to visit. Most of them were unreachable in the boat we had at the time, so we started the process to switch to the Nordhavn.

Previous Boats Owned
In the power cruising category, Back Cove and Grand Banks.

Interest in CUBAR
We usually cruise alone, and think the CUBAR will be a fun change of pace. And it’s going the right direction at the right time!

Boating Story:
Last summer we anchored in a cove with no charted obstructions. We circled the area before anchoring, and never saw less than 70′ of water. Over the next few hours as the tide dropped, a rock reef emerged no more than a boat length from where we had circled. That was an eye opener.

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