Boat Type: Mikelson
Owner: Ryan Wilson
Home Port:
Built: 2003

Favorite Cruising Destination
Bahia Santa Maria- Last CUBAR we were sheltered here for several days. Each day we spent running around on the beach chasing crabs, playing in the water, surfing and hunting Sand Dollars. The remoteness of the anchorage gives you a sense of a much simpler life.

Favorite Boating Experience
CUBAR 2015- Often we tell friends that our trip was less of a vacation and more of an adventure. It was and is something that all of us will carry with us through our lives. The kids continually ask when we leave again for the next adventure and are eager to build new memories this fall on the next CUBAR.

About the Crew
Meichele Wilson- Wife, mom, homeschool teacher, chef, and all around head decision maker.
Irelyn Wilson- 13yr old daughter who loves boating, taking night watches and constantly challanging mom and dad for their parenting role. She was a huge help running the boat on the last CUBAR and will be taking on more of a role on this CUBAR.
Kinnley Wilson- 11yr old daughter who loves the ocean, boating and all animals. She is our artistic one costantly turning beach finds into jewlery. She and Declan love to surf and constantly challenge each other to surfing contests.
Declan Wilson- 9yr old son who is the boat comedian. He is absolutely hilarious and keeps us entertained for hours.
Dan Wilson- Ryan’s Dad
Ryan Wilson- Husband, father and lowest on the totem pole

What’s in a Name
A grom is a slang word for surfer kid. Salty surfer kids seemed fitting for all of us.

Reason to Buy This Boat
We learned a lot on the last CUBAR with our 3 kids. On the top of the list was a boat over 100,000 lbs, stabilized, 3500+ nm range, and a safe pilot house. Secondly was the layout and a quality brand.

We were very familiar with the Mikelson brand and quality having owned one before. The Mikelson Nomad was the perfect layout for us. Its tough to find the right layout in a boat as its so personal however this one was perfect for our sized family. The back fishing deck gives ample space for water toys or hanging out while anchored. She carries 2000 gallons giving us trawler range however with a semi-displacement hull we can move at 18 kts in an emergency. The extra rooms give the kids more privacy if needed. Finally having been pounded several times in the last boat we are very happy to be stabilized!

Previous Boats Owned
22′ Fishing Boat
26′ Fishing Boat
28′ Magic Power Cat
50′ Mikelson SF

Interest in CUBAR
Making new memories.

Boating Story
In March of 2015 we were running from Isla Partida to San Jose del Cabo. Running through Ceralvo Channel we saw another CUBAR boat, Small Crew, pop up on the AIS heading towards us. At the time we were chasing a pod of whales and were able to hail Craig and say high before continuing on. Shows how small this world is.

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