Boat Type: Tiara 50 Coupe
Owner: Bill Wolf
Club: California YC
Home Port: 
Built: 2015
Purchased: 2016

Favorite Cruising Destination
Emerald Bay, Catalina. Turquoise water, great snorkeling.

Favorite Boating Experience
Cruise to Turtle Bay Baja in 1968 on a 36′ ketch in 60 knot winds.

About the Crew
So far, I have Rick Reisman, who at 25 was the owner/skipper of a oil rig repair operation with a fleet of boats, and has been boating for over 40 years. He is currently an investment banker. Richard Marciniak will be coming along on his maiden small boat cruise. His claim to fame is more cruise line travels than any other person I know, about 10 cruises per year. However, he will have to learn to cook and clean on this one. On my tentative list are Drew Hunt, a forensic CPA and former partner of mine, and Mike Meehan, the yacht broker who sold me my new boat.

What’s in a Name
Pied-A-Mer is French for foot on the sea. It’s a take off on Pied-A-Ter, foot on the land, but more commonly, your little getaway home.

Reason to Buy This Boat
Comfort for the wife who had to have a queen size bed and full stateroom if she was going to boat with me (she’s not coming). Latest technology in Volvo pod drive engines and electronics, even DPS. Fuel efficient engines made for cruising long distances – 1000 miles at 8 knots – yet top speed of 37 knots for the quick trip to Catalina. Great looks – a Tiara 50.

Previous Boats Owned
Doral 45
Cobalt 27
Sea Witch 36 ketch

Interest in CUBAR
Going with a bunch of boats for social and safety aspects. Introduction to cruising in the Sea of Cortez.

Boating Story
I’m told that I love it when something goes wrong and I need to improvise.

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