Boat Type: Sportfishing
Owner: Greg Hayward
Yacht Club: Balboa YC
Built: 2005

Favorite Cruising Destination
As members of the Balboa Yacht Club in Corona del Mar, we love to cruise to Whites Cove where we enjoy long weekends on shore and on the Mad Crab with friends in paradise. We also love Cherry Cove and the Isthmus. We look forward to many more cruising destinations – including CUBAR and Mexico!

Favorite Boating Experience
We love piling as many of our girls and their friends on board and spending a long day fishing with our favorite fishing Captain Joe Barian. 9 times out of 10, we end of with a slew of fish which we proudly cook up for killer fish tacos.

About the Crew
Greg Hayward
Madeline Hayward
George Logan
Debbie Logan
Pedro Hernandez

George Logan and his lovely wife Debbie. George is an accomplished boater with endless hours of boating and fishing experience both here in CA as well as in Baja. In fact, it was George’s experience cruising down to Baja in a friend’s boat recently that convinced us to do CUBAR. Madeline is Greg’s wife. Madeline is new to the boating life – but has embraced it and is ready to experience CUBAR. Pedro has captained numerous friends’ boats down to Baja. He is an accomplished captain and an even better maker of Ceviche from our catches. Definitely worth taking him aboard!

What’s in a Name
Mad Crab is named, appropriately, after Greg’s wife, Madeline. With a shortened name of Mad and a maiden name of Crabb, her childhood nick name, Mad Crab, was the perfect choice for their first sports fishing boat.

Reason to Buy This Boat
I’ve always wanted a sports fishing boat since I was 10. But it wasn’t until last year that I finally pulled the trigger. I’ve always admired clean lines on sports fishing boats. The Cabo brand certainly fits that bill. After months of research, I kept coming back to the quality build, performance and comfort of the Cabo 40 Flybridge. The 40 seemed to be the right size for my first boat.

Previous Boats Owned
This is my first boat. But by the number of hours I have put on it in less than a year, you’d think it was my 3rd. The learning curve has been fast and furious – and the best.

Interest in CUBAR
Our crew mate, George has told tales of endless sea life, beautiful skies and great experiences with the marinas and towns. We love Mexico and all that it offers.

Boating Story
Mad Crab is a 2005 40’ Cabo purchased last November in Texas. She made her way through the Panama Canal and found her new home at the Balboa Yacht Club in Corona del Mar. She has already provided the Hayward family with many fish taco dinners after several successful trips out. We have two college aged girls, who have fully embraced the fishing experience. Our eldest, Maddie, caught her first Mako shark recently which provided a bloody fight and a great dinner!

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