Boat Type: Skipjack
Owner: William Taylor
Home Port:
Built: 1977

Owner Bio:
Have been working past 18 yrs. as a Pilot, for Aerial Firefighting, (drop red stuff on hot stuff) in support of ground firefighters. Flew hunters, fishermen, and river rafters in, Idaho Back country, crop-dusted 11 yrs,and owned many small watercraft.

Favorite Cruising Destination
The next Port, the planning… and we haven’t been there yet.

Favorite Boating Experience
Trip from Duncan, BC. Astoria,WA., Portland, OR. to San Diego, CA.

About the Crew
Sally A.Taylor; Registered Professional Nurse, active in California and Arizona
BLS Certified, expires 9/2019
Boating Experience
Chapman Powerboat Certification (CPC) Program
National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) Boating Safety
Pleasure Boating; 28 foot, 5 yrs
58 foot, 2 yrs

Captain Wally Neidthardt; Coast Guard 100 ton master, and U.S. Merchant Mariner- Retired;
Operated as Wally’s Marine Services, providing Yacht Management, Training and Repairs.
also as Professional Yacht Captain- Alaska to South America on Pacific Coast, from Road Island to South America on Atlantic Coast, and all of Caribbean.New yacht deliveries Louisiana to San Francisco through Panama Canal.

Charlie Liffick, Retired commercial Airline Pilot, been boating most of his life, had 60′ houseboat Lake Powell, now owns and lives on 44′ DeFever. In the past 8 years has put 6000 miles+ under his keel, mostly single handing.

What’s in a Name
“KATALUMA”, is Greek, for Guest House. First boat was a fixer upper named, “EPOMONEY”, Greek for patients, we learned alot about those, yet we still bought another333

Reason to Buy This Boat
Stand up engine room, maintenance logs and records for me. I didn’t have much input on the rest. Sally loves it, and I can’t think of anything more important. Can you?

Previous Boats Owned
28′ Apollo Sedan Cruiser 10 yrs. & 5 fishing boats

Interest in CUBAR
Meeting boaters who like to travel.

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