Boat Type: Selene 53
Owner: Alex Benson
Home Port:
Yacht Club:
California Yacht Club
Built: 2005
Year Purchased: 2005

Favorite Cruising Destination
Southeast Alaska and Northern British Columbia contain our favorite boating destinations. After nine seasons of cruising the region, we enjoy the endless scenic anchorages, excellent fishing, and closeup wildlife-sealife encounters. Favorites include Lituya Bay, Patterson Bay, Bay of Pillars, Fords Terror, Rocky Pass, El Capitan Passage, Baker Inlet and Princess Louisa Inlet.

Favorite Boating Experience
Breaking ice into Princess Louisa Inlet, British Columbia. We blogged about it at http://mvwildblue.blogspot.com/2009_01_01_archive.html

About the Crew
Dick Squire has already spent 65 years boating and owned 40+ boats. His new GB Eastbay 44SX cruises at 30+ knots.
Gerard Ages sails, fishes, surfs, windsurfs, dives and speaks fluent Spanish. He regularly vacations in Baja.
Bob Semonsen completed the “Baja Bash” under sail after the boat’s engine failed. It took awhile.

What’s in a Name
Wild Blue is some untamed place out yonder on the water.

Reason to Buy This Boat
We desired a boat that would travel a great distance before refueling. It needed long term liveaboard amenities and easy walk-around decks. Coming from racing sailboats, a heavy displacement boat that cruised at sailboat speeds was just fine. After viewing many different trawler brands, the first time we boarded the Selene we knew that was our boat. We ordered one the same day.

Previous Boats Owned
Schock 35 “Ricochet”, J-36 “Greyhound”, Ericson 35 “Ambiance”

Interest in CUBAR
Meeting other boaters with similar interests and fishing Baja.

Boating Story
While breaking ice into Princess Louisa Inlet, we noticed the occasional seal poking his head up through the ice to look around. The surface was completely white except for our boat wake, and where a seal had punched through. A short time later the ice had thickened a bit. As we looked astern, the ice on the sides of the boat wake were streaked bright red. Our prop had ground up a seal? Oh my! … After further investigation, it was just the hull’s red bottom paint peeling off against the ice.


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