Boat Type: Offshore 54
Owner: Tom Nielsen
Yacht Club: San Diego YC
Built: 1999

Favorite Cruising Destination
The Hook at Isla San Francisco in Baja California, Sur. Crystal blue water, great hiking on Island, great diving, white sand beaches. What’s not to like?

Favorite Boating Experience
Travels thru-out the Sea of Cortez after Cubar 2015 – we visited many islands and spent time in gorgeous anchorages. We met many interesting fun-loving people. Saw beautiful sunsets, colorful snorkeling spots, much sea life. Enjoyed our home base in La Paz, nice restaurants, wonderful people.

About the Crew
Tom Nielsen, Captain, co-owner of Nielsen Beaumont Marine, a local boatyard in San Diego, gained his first boating experience crewing large motor yachts after college, cruising extensively from
Canada south to Sea of Cortez, and chartered boats in Belize, Tahiti, the Caribbean. Geri Nielsen, Tom’s wife, has joined him on several trips, enjoys everything on the water. Rick Dahl, Geri’s brother is an avid fisherman and has crewed on sailboats in the Sea of Cortez. Dave Pekin, a close friend and SDYC member, owns a sailboat and regularly travels to Catalina. He is a world class windsurfer, loves diving, fishing and hunting, and has traveled extensively in the Baja area in his youth.

What’s in a Name
HERITAGE reflects our love of boating both in our family history and in our hope we can continue to share boating experiences with our children and future grandchildren.

Reason to Buy This Boat
Coastal cruiser range, quality, cockpit, engine room space, complete walk around deck, lower helm (with two helm chairs), and a washer/dryer.

Previous Boats Owned
46′ Hatteras, 38 Mediterranean, multiple others.

Interest in CUBAR
Meeting other boating enthusiasts and increasing our boating knowledge as a couple.

Boating Story
Bees at a desert island anchorage – it was so beautiful we pulled in near shore, anchored, and experienced bees near the cockpit. We hosed them off, then went snorkeling. To our horror, when we returned to the boat there were now thousands of bees swarming – we found out later what they were seeking was the fresh water we had used to hose off the first few. Thirsty menace. We learned our lesson to use salt water to rid the bees next time.

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