Boat Type: Nordhavn 68
Owner: Bryan Stone
Yacht Club: Roche Harbor YC
Built: 2015

Favorite Cruising Destination
his is such a difficult question for us to answer having spent most of our time in the Pacific Northwest. We hear from others, and agree, it is a boating paradise filled with an abundance of anchorages, small towns and large cities to explore along with rugged territory that doesn’t show any signs of human activity.

Favorite Boating Experience
One of our favorite memories was a trip to Prince Louisa Inlet in British Columbia. Middle of nowhere, through a winding narrows that opened up into a fjord with over mile high peaks and extending for five miles ending at Chatterbox Falls. One of those places you visit that makes you realize you are just one very small part of the overall equation. It also happened to be when the Summer Olympics were being held and our dish surprisingly enough had signal, so here we are in one of the most beautiful place we have ever visited, taking the time to watch the US team take gold in volleyball then shutting the system back off to get back to our surroundings 🙂 It was a surreal experience.

About the Crew
Bryan & Cheryl Stone at this point with the remainder of the crew still being worked out.

What’s in a Name
We started boating when the kids were little and fell upon the name by a majority vote and have stuck with it ever since.

Reason to Buy This Boat
While we have taken the trip up the inside passage to SE Alaska our experience has primarily been in relatively protected waters with an abundance of stops along the way should the weather not cooperate. Now that we are planning to spend more time exploring open waters we decided on a Nordhavn for the safety, security and range it offers.

Previous Boats Owned
Meridian 341 & Meridian 580.

Interest in CUBAR
We had heard about the CUBAR but didn’t know much in the way of details. We were told about the recent informational session from a boat neighbor and enjoyed meeting others and finding out more. The CUBAR seems to be a great opportunity to spend some time meeting other cruisers that you will likely run across again.

Boating Story
We were in no name cove in Tracy Arm with about 5 other boats and an iceberg decided to join us. It moved from boat to boat and each time it came close the crews would come out with the hooks and fend it off. Made for a great icebreaker and gave us an opportunity to chat with the others in the anchorage. The next morning we overhead one of the boats talking about standing watch overnight to keep and eye on it. Considering the other boats had taken their share of bergie bits to ice their cocktails and had a wonderful nights sleep….. it was, in hindsight, good to know someone was keeping an eye on things!

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