Boat Type: Mediterranean 54 Sport Fisher
Owner: Jay Crawford
Club: N/A
Home Port:
Built: 2000
Year Purchased: 2010

Favorite Cruising Destination
Catalina Island is my favorite island. There are so many things to do and I never get tired of exploring its beautiful coastline.

Favorite Boating Experience
Traveling to Catalina with my friend Charlie, we had a whale go total air right in front of our boat. We were on a 29′ Blackman which was about half the length of the whale.

About the Crew
Chet Zahn: He has been a friend of mine for about 20 years. He has delivered numerous racing sail boats back from Cabo and Hawaii. Watts Up is the name of his 60′ sailboat, which helped build and will always be improving the way it sails.
Charlie Rothstein: Has been a friend since high school, a roommate for 5 years and has worked on the Westerly which was a fishing and dive boat. He retired from the motion picture industry and is not traveling and boating.

What’s in a Name
My last name is Crawford and in high school my friends called my Crawfish.

Reason to Buy This Boat
I enjoy the sportfishing style. The large cockpit area is where everything happens. With the large swim step it makes it easy to get in and out of the water. Mediterranean has the largest engine room of any of the sport fishers which allows me to get in and out easy. Most of the time I can cruise at 20 to 22 knots which is great for getting places and outrunning weather.

Previous Boats Owned
38′ Mediterranean Gasoline Powered
38′ Mediterranean Diesel Powered
54′ Mediterranean Volvo Diesel Powered

Interest in CUBAR
Traveling down the Baja coast with other boaters and improving my navigation skills.

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