Boat Type: Sabre Express Cruiser 48
Owner: Chuck Dahill
Yacht Club: San Diego YC
Built: 2014

Captain/Owner Bio
Chuck and Kelly have owned a variety of boats starting with sailboats in AZ and power boats in San Diego. Have done cruising primarily in local waters with several trips to Catalina and Ensenada. In 2014, completed 30 days cruising in Maine and Chesapeake. Participated in CUBAR 2015.

Favorite Cruising Destination
Our favorite boating destination will hopefully be the next place we go to. To date, its a tie between Espiritu Island off La Paz and the Chesapeake. Espiritu was just plain beautiful and a great reprieve after completing CUBAR 2015. Chesapeake was great due to location, time of year (Fall in MD is beautiful) and group of friends we went with.

Favorite Boating Experience
Any time we return without damaging the boat or ourselves and my wife is still talking to me.

About the Crew
Janette and Lance “McGyver” Murphy, friends from the SDYC cruising fleet. We have done numerous buddy boating cruises together and they expressed an interest in doing CUBAR 2015 so we thought we would give 2017 a shot. Janette is a true water loving person-on the water, in the water or under the water and Lance has great knowledge of various boating systems and always ready to help. They are known around Point Loma due to having 2 full size poodles who go everywhere with them.

What’s in a Name
Corky Row is the area in MA that my family immigrated to from Ireland. Its where all the Irish from Cork County went to live upon entering the US in the 1800s. Currently a historic district in Fall River, MA. Boat is a down east style of boat so we figured we would name her after my east coast roots. Previous boats were named King of Nothing but that started to become reality so thought we would take a different course.

Reason to Buy This Boat
Really like the lines/profile of a down east boat and wanted to get a smaller boat that just the two of us could handle comfortably yet have room to invite others to join us. Like having Zuess Pods as drive system and newer technology than previous boat.

Previous Boats Owned
Have owned 2 small sailboats, a Californian 57 ACMY, and a Carver 57.

Interest in CUBAR
The people make it special. The network you get from doing this lasts a life time. I have run into many CUBAR 2015 participants in Mexico and Southern CA. Nothing better than to pull into a anchorage and see another CUBARista. Instant friendship. Also can’t beat the boating experience, knowledge gained in all aspects of boating just being around other knowledgeable boaters.

Boating Story
Bought small sail boat, put it in the water, had my wife jump in and away we went. Sailed across lake in about an hour like there was nothing to it. Couldn’t understand why everyone said it was challenging. Tried to return to trailer and boat would not go where I wanted it to- found out about tacking. Took 5 hours to get boat back on other side of lake. Walked back to car and trailer. Still married.

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