Boat Type: Skipjack
Owner: Larry Lucore
Home Port:
Built: 1977

Favorite Cruising Destination
San Juan Islands and the Canadian Islands around the San Juans. In the Bahamas the Abacos and all the outer islands of the Abacos are beautiful and great cruising. Mexico’s Sea of Cortez has been mainly where we have spent a lot of time on the water, from one end to the other and across the back fishing and cruising. And living in Carlsbad, CA going to Catalina and southern California waters. A trailer boat can take you to many places and all of these areas were just beautiful.

Favorite Boating Experience
All of the above have been great experiences, but I have to say the FUBAR 2007 topped them all.

About the Crew
Myself and the crew are all retired firemen. Gary Brunsch was on the 2009 and 2011 FUBAR with me and is a great boater and fisherman and lives in Ocean Beach. Brandon Lucore has just retired from San Diego North County Fire Department and this will his first time on the CUBAR, and has great knowledge of Baja and fishing.

What’s in a Name
“Brown eyed Girl” named after my wife because she is the real brown eyed girl.

Reason to Buy This Boat
The Skipjack 28 is not in production any more but is proven to be a reliable and sound boat. Besides it is trailerable with an 8′ beam and can be trailered anywhere.

Previous Boats Owned
Started with a 12′ green fiberglass Sears Ted Williams Gamefisher with a small percolator outboard motor. We fished the Sea of Cortez and caught limits of yellowtail, dorados, roosterfish, and cabrilla. Since then you needed a larger boat to go further out to fish so we upgraded to a 14′ aluminum valco, 20′ Mako center console, 26′ Angler panga diesel.

Interest in CUBAR
Fishing, going down the coast, parties and cruising with great boaters.

Boating Story
Too many BS (Baja stories) to list.

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