Boat Type: Nordhavn 43
Owner: John & Lynn Cavanagh
Built: 2007

Favorite Cruising Destination
Wow- that’s a hard one. For the entire family cruising from Channel Islands and anchoring in Mission Bay on the 4th of July watching fireworks that completely surrounds us. For cruising alone – coming down the coast from Canada stopping in San Francisco watching the Americas’s cup front and center or the bare bones charter we did in Tahiti or cruising in the San Juan and
Canadian Gulf Islands. I just can’t pick – it’s all awesome!

Favorite Boating Experience
My favorite experience is when we are cruising overnight watching as the sun dips below the horizon and again in the morning as it comes up over the horizon. You feel God’s majesty, power and beauty. This feeling is like a new experience every time no matter how many times you experience it. Nothing in all my experiences can top this.

About the Crew
Mike Loper: Mike bought his first boat back east when he was 14 years old. Mike raced sail boats back east. After coming to the west coast he has restored over a dozen boats. Mike’s mechanical abilities are amazing. He learned navigation while serving in the  USMC and is an avid scuba diver. The best thing I can say for Mike is that he is very competent, peaceful, easy going and a joy
to go cruising with.

What’s in a Name
Blessed is the name of our boat and it says it all. We are totally committed to our Lord and Savior who has blessed us mightily in every aspect of our lives.

Reason to Buy This Boat
We bought a Nordhavn because open ocean boating represents total freedom and with a Nordhavn the entire world is available to experience and explore.

Previous Boats Owned
We owned mostly lake boats prior to the Nordhavn.

Interest in CUBAR
Well to be honest we were scheduled to go to La Paz on our own (with Mike) the first week of November. I read in the Log that CUBAR was leaving the exact time we were going down. I asked Lynn and Mike if we wanted to join them or avoid them. The decision was unanimous to join the group.

Boating Story
We were mooring in Catalina on a very windy afternoon and I was driving and Lynn picked up the pole okay but couldn’t get the line up as we were being blown quickly and directly into the boat next to us. Two guys jumped on board to help her pull the line in. As it turned out a couple of hundred pounds of seaweed had attached itself to the line. That was several years ago and from that time forward Lynn and I decided I would work the deck and she would be the driver. You guys will all see that she’s pretty good at it!

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