Countdown to CUBAR

Hola CUBARistas,

With a little over 7 weeks before we depart, it’s time to finish/lock in a few items and start on a whole new list. I hope you’ve been working on your boat prep items as we will now start to focus on paperwork issues. But first a few reminders-in order of importance:


We are at the deadline for submitting this information as it takes several weeks to pull it all together and then several weeks to get it published so that we can distribute the program during the check in period. So, if you want to be included in the collector edition of the CUBAR 2017 program (which contains information on all the boats who are going) please submit your information using this link Submit your boat and crew photos and crew bio by September 20.


Those interested in attending the 2-day training seminars need to register now and can view the agenda here by September 20.  After this date, and based on space available, we will open it up to those who have requested space for their crew.


If you are planning to buy fuel in any of the following locations: Ensenada, Turtle Bay, or Magdalena Bay, please forward your fuel requirements to our Cruise Captain, Tom Nielsen, at by September 15. Use the Float Plan Worksheet on the CUBAR website to determine fuel need.  We have learned several import things recently that impact the availability of fuel or cost of fuel.

  1. There is a very limited quantity of fuel available in Magdalena Bay so only ask for fuel if you need it. Cost is still being worked on.
  2. Turtle Bay is famous for fuel issues and this year’s challenge is related to price. Based on most recent conversations, fuel is running around $7.50/gallon. We are trying to get a better price but now, it’s pretty much take it or leave it. Therefore, unlike previous CUBARs, we are removing the ban on fuel bladders, but want anyone using a bladder to fully understand the safety implications (trim, balance, environmental, security, etc.) regarding having a bag full of diesel rolling around your deck should it become loose or not secured properly. There is a lot of information on the web, so do your homework and to get you started, attached is a good article on the use of fuel bladders and a flyer from a source for bladders.


There are few things that are needed to get your boat into Mexico and the most important is your Temporary Import Permit, or TIP, so if you do not have one please apply for one online. Once it opens, click on “Ingles” (in the upper right corner for the English version), then the Vehicle Temporary Import spot and then Boats/Vessels. From there it is pretty straight forward.

Regarding the other immigration documentation required, we will start working on that at the October 7 & 8 training seminar. For those that cannot attend, we will issue instructions by mid- October and finalize everything during the November 1 & 2 check in period.


If you are interested in getting the free MedEvac coverage provide as part of your CUBAR registration, please see the following message from Cathie:

Greetings CUBAR Captains!

Your Complimentary 21 Day Travel MedEvac Captain’s emergency air evacuation membership must be submitted to me NO LATER THAN SEPTEMBER 20.

Your plan covers 100% of your air ambulance transport home, and RETURN OF YOUR VESSEL to your home marina, with no deductibles and no copays. Many other services are included in this program-ask me.

Additional memberships are $6 a day for an Individual, or $9 a day for a Couple/Companion plan. Those can be purchased online at my website, or feel free to call me at 575-993-8227 or 619-780-3553 and I can enroll your additional memberships over the phone. I will need the same information for each person as listed for the captain.

(I’d appreciate you sending your information prior to September 20 so I have time to enter all the memberships by p.m.)
Please email with the following information:

  • Captain Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Vessel Name
  • Address
  • State/Zip
  • Cell Phone
  • Secondary Phone
  • Email Address
  • Emergency Contact Name
  • Emergency Contact Phone

We also have Mexican boat liability insurance, auto, medical, homeowners, and other specialty insurance for Mexico. (See my website,

I look forward to seeing you all at lunch on Saturday, October 7, at the San Diego Yacht Club!

Best regards,

Cathie Smith LoCicero, Your Personal Mexico Insurance Concierge
Call 575-993-8227 or 619-780-3553
Special email address for CUBAR Participants:


One of our sponsors, San Diego Marine Exchange/Downwind Marine, is offering a variety of training during the month of October for everyone going south which includes the Baja Ha Ha and CUBAR participants. Attached are their schedules for various events (including store wide sales) or you can go to their website for the complete listing of their seminars. Their presenters are all very experienced and well known in the cruising world and offer unlimited help and advice regarding cruising in and around Mexico. I strongly encourage you to attend as many as you can.

That’s it for now, got to start doing all the things I have outlined for everyone else!


Chuck Dahill
CUBAR 2017 Chair
M/V Corky Row