Countdown to CUBAR: July 25th Update

Hola CUBARistas,

As promised, we are planning on issuing these Countdown to CUBAR every 2-3 weeks in order to keep everyone informed to the progress made in planning and outline actions required by those going on cruise.  However, after this countdown, we will be limiting the distribution to those who have applied so that we do not unnecessarily fill your inbox.  If you are still on the fence about doing this event and want to keep receiving these announcements, please let us know.


In the last Countdown notice, I provided information on where and when to make your slip reservations for our cruise.  In doing that, I may have caused some confusion regarding the timing and need to make reservations in Puerto Vallarta (PV).  As part of CUBAR 2017, we added the opportunity to go to Puerto Vallarta to our list of ports.   During the application process, we asked people if they were interested in going to PV and if so, from either San Jose del Cabo (SJdC) in November or La Paz in January.

Currently we have about 50% of the fleet wanting to go in January from La Paz and 25% wanting to go in November from SJdC.  The remaining 25% will be staying in La Paz/Sea of Cortez area.  My instructions indicated making PV reservations for Nov 20.  This is only for those that want to go from SJdC.  The January departure date and route has not been finalized yet and once it is, we will let you know so you can make slip reservations at that time.


It was brought to my attention that we have around 5 boats that will need to leave Ensenada earlier than the rest of the fleet in order to be in Turtle Bay by nightfall with the rest of the fleet and that they would miss the reception dinner.  Therefore, we are moving the dinner to the day we arrive.  This will make for a full day of boating and partying but will allow the second day to be available for sightseeing, optional wine tour (details to be presented later) and last minute provisioning.  This is not a big issue but we know some folks who will have crew members joining them in Ensenada and will want to attend the party.


We have added about 6 documents to our CUBAR website under the “Documents” tab which include:

  1. Slip maps for the Mexican Marinas we will be visiting
  2. Inspection checklist used by previous participants to begin the process of getting ready for the cruise.  Good idea to start reviewing/working on this soon.
  3. John Houts’ Mexico cruising experience with many helpful and humorous comments
  4. The CUBAR 2017 Waiver and Release that will be required from all participants-captain/owner/crew during check in in November.
  5. Capt. Ann Kinnear’s Primer on Navigation.  Great piece of work and will give you an idea of some of what we will be covering at the training days on Oct. 7 and 8.
  6. Float plan worksheet-to be used to calculate how much fuel you will burn/need at various speeds and where you will need to pick up fuel.  Something to play with for now  but will be covered in more  detail when we get closer to going.  Self-explanatory but will take several attempts to figure it all out.


Every participating boat will get a goodie bag that will include a variety of items but we want to make you aware of a couple items so that you do not purchase them.  Every boat will receive the latest edition of the gold standard for cruising guides in Mexico- Captains Pat Rains’ Mexico Boating Guide.  In addition you will receive a Mexican flag which must be displayed during your time in Mexico.  If you attend the October Training Days you can pick up your copy of this guide plus the CUBAR 2017 operations manual.  Otherwise they will be available at the November check in.


Several people saw an article in the recent SEA magazine and thought it should be shared with the group.  It’s a good article and I actually cut/pasted it into word, then did some editing so that I can use it as a check list if needed.  Here is the link: