Countdown to CUBAR: July 15, 2017

Hola CUBARistas,

We are now past the 4th of July holiday and time to start getting ready to make the journey down the Baja and points south.  We will be issuing these “COUNTDOWN TO CUBAR” notices every 2-3 week to those who have registered starting August 1st.  In late September, they will be issued weekly or as needed as the final cruise details and necessary preparations will be underway.

The countdown for starting the CUBAR 2017 cruise is less than 110 days away (you either just said “Yikes “ or “Yea”) so here are a few items that you should do if you haven’t done them already.

  1. Get passports for everyone going on the cruise and/or joining you at the end of the cruise. Be sure passports will not expire during the duration of the planned foreign travel.
  2. Make your slip reservations for San Diego and all Mexican marinas. Contacts for various San Diego marinas is on our web site and details for Mexican marinas is below and on our website.
  3. Submit your boat and crew photos and crew bio. If you have registered, please submit your boat and crew information.  If you originally provided minimal information or none at all, we encourage you to expand it.  See what others have posted on the website.  Based on what has been posted, there are some great people going on this cruise. In addition, for CUBAR 2017 we would like everyone to include a photo of the captain and first mate which will be included in the Program being distributed to all captains. This is the beginning of building our community and the more we know about each other, the more we will enjoy the cruise.
  4. Mark your calendar for Oct 7 and 8. Two full days of training are being planned and will be held at SDYC. Details to follow shortly but some of the topics include first aid at sea, diesel engine mechanics and navigation just to name a few topics.



Everyone is responsible for making (and paying) for their slips in the marinas we will be visiting during CUBAR 2017.  Each marina has a different approach to making the reservations (some want emails others have provided their web sites) but they all want:

  1. Reservations to be made ASAP but not later than August 10, otherwise they cannot guarantee you a slip
  2. Be sure to mention that you are part of CUBAR as this will give you priority and discounts at some of the marinas.
  3. Be sure to include your boat name, LOA, beam and power requirements in your first email contact with them

Here is the contact information for the marinas:


Travel MedEvac Coverage

As a CUBAR participant, our sponsor Travel MedEvac is providing coverage for all Captains for the duration of the trip for free.  There is a 90 day wait period for preexisting conditions so it is important that you sign up before Aug 1 if you have any issues (my opinion is almost everyone going on CUBAR 2017 have a few dents and dings so contact Cathie to discuss).  The following information is provided by Cathie:

Travel MedEvac returns YOU, your COMPANION, and your VESSEL all the way home, when you suffer a serious illness or accident from the very first day of your membership. However, pre-existing conditions have a 90 day waiting period, which means you are covered on the 91st day of your  membership and onward, as well as any new medical conditions you may acquire in the future. For example, if you are taking a prescription such as blood pressure medication, you will have a 90 day waiting period for heart attacks or strokes. This stands to reason, as otherwise many people would want to enroll from the emergency room. Please contact me at 575 993 8227 now  to sign up for membership so the 90 day wait period is up by November 1. 

Also, I mistakenly wrote that we could add a spouse/companion to that donation for $3 a day.  To add a spouse/companion an Individual Daily plan can be purchased for $6 a day or a Couple/Companion plan is $9 a day.  I apologize for the miscommunication. 

Cathie LoCicero

The designated email address for the CUBAR group is

Personally, I plan to purchase the annual/multiyear membership to cover me and my spouse for the entire time I am cruising around Mexico and returning back to the US but it is up to each participant to decide on the type of insurance they desire.  Please note that this is not standard medical coverage or boat insurance which you should also have while in Mexico.

On a closing note, we hit 50 boats at the end of July but have recently lost 2, so there is still room to add a few cruisers so please talk to your friends and see if they would like to join us.


Chuck Dahill
CUBAR 2017 Chair