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How to Obtain Prescription Medications for Your Yacht

Seaside Marine Pharmacy
San Pedro, CA



This pharmacy can provide prescription medications, including small a amount of narcotics, it your yacht is a USCG documented vessel.  Please mention you are participating in CUBAR 2915.  They also can create a custom medical first aid kit to your specification.

“Marine Medicine, a Comprehensive Guide” 2nd edition, 2012 by Eric A. Weiss, MD and Michael E. Jacobs, MD published by The Mountaineers Books. It’s available at Seabreeze Books in
San Diego, 888-449-7011

What I like about this manual:
1) Small enough to fit inside ANY first aid kit, jet complete enough
2) Lots of illustrations
3) includes marine hazards, problems which many do not
4) The approach of each topic is 1 = what is it, 2= what can be done about it on board the boat, and 3= when do you need help.

For a MUCH more comprehensive BOOK, go to the website for Seaside Marine Pharmacy and click on “Products” menu. Look under Vessel Requirements on the bottom right hand column for “The Ships Medicine Chest and Medical Aid at Sea” 2003 edition, published by the US Dept of Heath & Human Services. This is the mandatory reference all merchant ships must have on board. It can be downloaded onto your laptop or a thumb drive, which is highly recommended

Marv Benson, MD
October 2015