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Head South with the Whales

By Captain Pat Rains
SEA MAGAZINE, November 2014

Migrating is more fun with giant mammals for companions.

Each winter when we head south down Baja’s Pacific coast, we find ourselves traveling in the company of whales. Hundreds of whales and boaters make the annual migration south together. The VHF comes alive: “There’s a huge whale, and it’s right next to our boat!” Everyone gets excited, especially the youngsters who may never have seen free-swimming whales this close.… Read more

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International Travel Medical Info

How to Obtain Prescription Medications for Your Yacht

Seaside Marine Pharmacy
San Pedro, CA



This pharmacy can provide prescription medications, including small a amount of narcotics, it your yacht is a USCG documented vessel. … Read more

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Mexico’s Trusted Traveler Program

Do you travel by air frequently to Mexico? Do you want to avoid lines at Mexican immigration like you do when entering the United States? If you answer yes to these questions, you might be interested in joining Mexico’s Programa Viajero Confiable (Trusted Traveler Program).

Already operational at three airports (Mexico City, San Jose del Cabo and Cancun), and soon to arrive at 10 more, Programa Viajero Confiable offers expedited clearance when entering Mexico, the same type of service that you’ve grown accustomed to with Global Entry at U.S.… Read more

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Meeting and Events To Be Announced by February 1st

CUBAR planning is picking up substantially and we expect to have the dates for all CUBAR 2015 meetings and events published by February 1st along with tentative cruise destinations and dates shortly thereafter.

The Kickoff dinner and fundraiser will be held in late May rather than March as presented in November to allow us to promote CUBAR at the major boat shows in southern California. … Read more

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Cure for the Summertime Blues

By Captain Pat Rains
SEA Magazine, August 2014

A circuit of the upper Sea of Cortez keeps summer exciting.

August is the time for Mexico boaters to make plans — and reservations — for safe summer quarters, because some dry storage yards and marinas in the upper Sea of Cortez start to fill up. With that in mind, we have a suggested itinerary that allows you to circulate among six different hurricane holes for safety and still take advantage of “all clear” periods to move north or explore the many other pristine cruising grounds that weren’t mentioned as winter cruising grounds.… Read more

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Sea Magazine: Long Range Cruising

SEA MAGAZINE – SEPTEMBER 2014: Do you have what it takes to make the jump to the long-range cruising lifestyle? GET OUT THERE

If you’ve always wanted to try long-range cruising, go for it, according to Roeber Demicheli, the semiretired owner/captain of San Francisco-based trawler Odyssey. DeMicheli, who has cruised the North American East and West coast plus Mexico and the Caribbean with his wife, Jackie, for more than 10 years, often provides interested recreational boaters with advice about the cruising lifestyle.… Read more

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What's In a Name? Bahia de los Muertos

By Captain Pat Rains
SEA Magazine, February 2014

It’s a lot if the distinction is between Bay of Dreams or Bay of the Dead Men.

When coasting between Los Cabos and La Paz around the bulging East Cape region of southern Baja, I’ve anchored many times in a picturesque little bay — one of the few that provides good shelter in a prevailing north wind.… Read more

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How to Go 'Commuter Cruising'

By Captain Pat Rains
SEA Magazine, April 2014

You can get away without having to completely disconnect.

Most of us love the idea of cruising in the balmy tropics aboard our own boat, enjoying the luxury of going as slow as we wish, stopping where we please, soaking up tranquility. That’s also my idea of paradise on Earth.

But for those of us who are still just dreaming, the notion of suddenly having to unplug 100 percent from our busy careers, of severing our strong family ties can be daunting — downright frightening.… Read more