What is CUBAR?

An acronym for Cruise Underway to Baja Rally. A powerboat cruise from local waters to La Paz, B.C., Mexico.

To give power boaters an opportunity to experience long distance cruising to Mexico within the safety of a flotilla of 50+ boats, replete with mechanical and medical personnel in the fleet.

Bruce Kessler, member of Del Rey Yacht Club, conceived the idea and organized the first FUBAR in 2007 in conjunction with California Yacht Club and San Diego Yacht Club. The bi- annual cruise was hosted by San Diego Yacht Club in 2009, Long Beach Yacht Club in 2011 and Newport Harbor Yacht Club in 2013.

The event has been re-branded CUBAR and will be hosted by San Diego Yacht Club indefinitely.

This is a powerboat only event. All boats must have a minimum range of (TBD) miles at (TBD) knots. This is to ensure that each vessel can make it to the next fuel station. Each boat will also need to pass a comprehensive safety inspection just prior to departure.

2015 eligibility is TBD

2015 fees are TBD.

The Event will begin in San Diego, California in November 2015 and end in La Paz, Mexico over the course of approximately 2 weeks.